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Xclusive Photo MagThe Xclusive Photo Mag is a premium magazine that offers photographers from across the globe the opportunity to publish their portfolios and showcase their photographic journey in all subjects of photography including, but not limited to, Landscapes, Portraits, Fashion, Street, Sports, and Macro. Published quarterly, Xclusive Photo Mag is available as a free online Flipbook, as an ebook and also as a printed premium magazine.

Xclusive Photo Mag is 100% dedicated to the images and the photographers. There is no gear tests or reviews as we consider there is already a lot of other magazines and/or websites taking care of this. Our quarterly Magazine is featuring 5 photographers per issue and we are selecting photographers not only for the quality of their work but also depending on their main activity. It helps us to offer a wider range of images to be viewed. "Featured Photographers" section offers between 4 to 16 pages with redactional and up to 15 images. For this category, we are usually inviting the photographer to submit his work but any photographer may also want to check our "Get Published" offer.

Additionally, we also have a Readers Gallery section where we'll showcase the best submitted images.

Finally, and this is probably the less know section, we are also open for submissions from photographers working on an individual project/essay. If you are interested in publishing a personal project, feel free to contact us.


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