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Xclusive Photo Mag - Monthly Subscriptions

Xclusive Photo Mag is a premium and quarterly published photography magazine...
The official dates of publication are February, May, August and November but each edition is usually released on the second half of the month before.
With the subscription plans, we are offering an easy and low cost way to never miss any issues of the magazine.
Xclusive Photo Mag Covers
How does it work?
With this service, we are using Paypal. When you subscribe, you will be charged a monthly amount of £5 or £10 depending of your choice (Printed version + Free PDF or PDF version only). Every three months, you'll receive the high-end finish printed magazine posted to your address as well as the PDF edition sent to your email. As a welcome gift, we will include for FREE the PDF version of the B&W Special Edition. Postage cost for each printed version is also included in the price.
First delivery for both printed and PDF editions will start after a minimum of 3 monthly payments has been received. Subscription can be stopped at any time but there will be no refund for partial payments under normal billing cycle of 3 months.
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B&W Special Edition